BSU meets for first time this semester

By David Villegas, Contributing Reporter


Photo by David Villegas

Roosevelt University’s Black Student Union held their first meeting at the Multicultural Student Support Services Center in AUD 104.

Brittney Austin, who is the President of BSU for this year, felt that this meeting went better than expected.

“I think that our meeting was prey successful. It was nice to see some returners but I think the E-board and I were just all super excited at all the incoming students taking advantage of the meeting as well,” Austin said. “Everyone seemed eager and excited to get involved and that’s what we want. Our members are such a critical part to what we do and who we are and it’s exhilarating to bring our mission into fruition.”

Austin said she wants to relocate the next meeting that is on this Wednesday, September 20 to another room.

“With that said, we are looking to relocate to a new location for the convenience of our general board members and for accessibility reasons for our members as well,” she said. “Our meetings will continue to be held in the MSSS space, AUD 104 5:30 to6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays until we find a new room; but we are working on this immediately, so be on the lookout.”

Jacklyn Porter, sociology and African-American studies major, felt that this meeting had her feeling energized for this school year.

“Well this meeting pretty much got me amped up for the rest of this school year. I actually was at BSA or BSU at my last school so I’m actually really excited that Roosevelt has one here and like the outcome and everything. So I’m definitely going to get involved as much as I can,” Porter said.


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