Back to school – and to paying tuition

By Vanessa Leal, Contributing Reporter

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Paying for college in the United States is no walk in the park. To meet tuition and fees, students receive scholarships, take out loans and, sometimes, work multiple jobs or parents save money for years. The College Board says that the average tuition of attending a four-year, private university in the U.S. is $33,480.

In a sample of random students at the university, 20 students were asked how their families have saved money for college, if they use federal loans and in which social class they think they fit in.

14 out of 20 students responded they have made early preparations to pay for college. Despite of their preparations, only five of the 14 did not take out any loans.

No students answered if they did not have to take out loans and didn’t prepare. Essentially, this means nobody in the small sample was able to pay tuition straight out of pocket.

Roosevelt University Financial Aid Director Michelle Stipp shared some specific details about the aid that Roosevelt students receive.

“In the 2016-2017 year, 92 percent of our students received some form of financial aid,” Stipp said.

Financial aid includes any form of assistance from scholarships, grants and loans. Stipp said 73 percent of RU students were using some type of loan from the federal government.

“So not everybody, but certainly a large number of our students are using the federal loan programs,” Stipp said.

The skyrocketing costs of college help explain why more than half of Roosevelt students receive some sort of financial aid. It is a remarkable contrast to state-sponsored education in a number of advanced economies worldwide. The idea that every person should necessarily attend college to succeed and make loans to make it happen in spite of shocking increases in tuition costs is highly based on hopes of a solid future career that can hopefully pay off all the costs.

Despite the increasing tuition, many students of Roosevelt continue going to school and do not necessarily worry about the cost.

“I just wanted to be in an acting major, wherever it was,” said freshman Acting major Keaton Rahmn. “I guess attending college is expensive, but my family went in the admissions office, and they were able to work on the costs,” Rahmn said.


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