Things are not so sweet at Sweet Mandy B’s


Photo by Zachary Wright

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Sweet Mandy B’s, a cozy place with delicious looking pastries, wonderful smells of desserts calling your name, falls short in everything else. With a showy but cozy interior, Sweet Mandy B’s is the kind of place where you get what you want, pay and go.

First, ordering is the biggest hassle that would not want to make anyone come again. The line is a mess during busy hours, the cashiers might lose track of you, and the space in the room where you order from is awkward as people cut, push and nudge in order to pay for their sweet treats.

The desserts themselves are delicious and provide just enough to hit the spot without hitting your gut. The cheesecake is decadent, the cookies and cakes are sweet so there’s not much more you can ask for with beautifully decorated and delicious desserts.

However, this is not a place I would go out my way to have. Its location isn’t a problem, it’s the building itself. Unless you want to say excuse me twenty times and repeat your order over and over because it is so loud, then I would stay out of Sweet Mandy B’s. It seems like Mandy B has some things she needs to fix before claiming its spot as one of the best bakeries in Chicago.

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