GOP House members show true colors in vote on healthcare

By Lauren Grimaldi
Managing Editor

Republican members of the United States House of Representatives looked on with smiles on their faces as they voted to take away healthcare from nearly 24 million Americans. They then stood jubilantly behind President Donald J. Trump celebrating what they deem to be a major accomplishment.

Trump, talking to a crowd of reporters, said “I’m President, can you believe it?”

Well the answer, Mr. President, is no, we cannot. The surprise of your November win still hurts the soul, and this latest legislation only increases the deep pain.

Though the bill still needs to pass the Senate to become law, the glee seen on the faces of the Representatives who voted ‘Yes’ proves that they care very little about their constituents and the U.S. as a whole.

The bill effectively renders the Affordable Care Act obsolete and virtually reverses the previous stipulation on pre-existing conditions. If it reaches enough votes in the Senate, health care companies will reportedly be able to hike up premiums for patients with pre-existing conditions and make health care itself unaffordable for low income people under these new stipulations.

As if this isn’t already concerning enough, rape, domestic violence, postpartum depression and c-sections are said to be part of the list of pre-existing conditions. This disgusting development is the most concerning of all. These conditions prove how the Republican Party truly feels about women. The idea that a woman could be denied affordable health care after being raped is sickening, yet the mostly male elected officials who voted for the bill seem to have no problem with it.

‘Trumpcare’ also could take away funding from special education programs in the U.S. The bill has giant cuts to Medicaid which many schools rely on it to pay for these programs. Again, this awful stipulation proves this was not a bill worth passing.

Likewise, there were numerous concerns that members of the GOP did not have an adequate amount of time to fully digest the proposed law. The 2017 Congress seems dead set on using the Republican control of both chambers to make the worst possible decisions for the American people.

President Trump will stop at nothing to get a win. He does not care that people will die because of the bill he and his fellow party members championed. He wants to be able to say he was able to accomplish something through legislation. Those who voted for Trump because they thought he’d be a champion for the working class have been duped. But the actions of the president prove he never cared about the people who voted for him. His ego outweighs his miniscule conscious as he continues to fight for a bill that will devastate millions. He and his party members have proven once and for all that they only care about the bitter partisanship that divides us so.

The fight continues on to the Senate and Democrats and those with common sense cannot stand idly by until the bill fails. Constituents need to badger their Senators on the daily to vote “No” on the bill from now until cloture. If this bill becomes law, millions of people will be hurt. No one can afford for this to happen, and anyone with a sense of morality knows what is at stake here.

On November 6, 2018, the American people have a choice to vote out those that said yes to this atrocity. We still have four years with President Trump, but the acts of resistance we can take from now until then are vital to the future of the United States of America.

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