Social Justice Week’s #Lunchbag event serves Chicago’s homeless


Some students gathered around the table in WB317 to prepare lunch bags. Photo by Zachary Wright.

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Giving back to the city’s homeless, the Center for Student Involvement hosted #Lunchbag during Social Justice Week at Roosevelt University. On Friday, April 21, students gathered in Wabash 317 to pack lunch bags of nonperishable foods to donate to Pacific Gardens Mission located in the South Loop.

“We’ve had 6 or 7 different events on campus, one every day of the week,” said CSI Coordinator Brian Donahue. “And, this is how we’re ending the week doing a service to give back to the city of Chicago.”

Assistant Director of CSI Chris Littrell explains #Lunchbag is for students to gain an opportunity to participate in active service learning and assist those in need. “Its #Lunchbag because they’re making lunch bags for individuals who may be facing food insecurity in Chicago,” Littrell says.

Students split into two groups to gather around two tables. Each table was full of non-perishable foods like trail mix, applesauce, and water. #Lunchbag participants also made lunch bags for homeless who may be women, supplying their bags with tampons respectively.

“This is a new project for Social Justice Week that we hope we have as a staple for every year,” Donahue said. “It was actually suggested by one of the Divine Nine Greek organizations we have on campus.”

Littrell said she hopes in the future that #Lunchbag or any event like it will be on a bigger scale.

“I think in the future if we did a food drive in addition to really have the opportunity for a lot of people to bring in different items so we have a lot more to put together,” she said. “It would be really helpful.”

At the end of the event, 100 paper lunch bags were donated to Pacific Gardens Mission. CSI and correspondents hope that in the future, more can be done to serve the Chicago area.

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