SGA elects new officers for 2017-2018 year

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

With another school year almost on the books, that means that is another year that Student Government ends their weekly tasks to focus on their final exams coming up.

There was a table to cast votes on who would become the next officers for Student Government the next academic year due to the officers who are graduating this year.

Alondra Ibarra was elected president and Carmen Guerrero vice president.

“My advice to Alondra and Carmen is to remember that PR matters. This year, there was this ongoing idea that SGA didn’t get anything done, and that’s a bunch of malarkey. We brought President Ali and Provost Becker to our meetings and asked them what was going on at Roosevelt,” said senior Adam Schalke who was treasurer of SGA and Roosevelt’s representative on the Student Advisory Council of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Schalke also said he felt as if the elections turned out in the best way possible and Guerrero and Ibarra are hard working people.

“There are a lot of changes that I want made, but one of the main changes I would like to accomplish is getting Roosevelt students and staff more involved with service in the Chicago community. If students and staff get involved with important service projects throughout Chicago, I believe we can grow as a Universit,” said Guerrero.

Guerrero also said she has been working with Nathan Stoll since she was a freshman and she learned a lot watching him lead and saw him go through both the struggles and accomplishments.

“I feel incredibly honored to be the President of Student Government Association. It still has not completely sunk it yet that I am the President but I do feel incredibly honored to have been elected to this position,” said Ibarra.

She also said what she can learn for previous officers is the importance to stay positive in the face of adversity to make next year more successful not only for SGA but for the whole university.

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