Two new classes coming to Roosevelt this fall

Editing class flier

The department flier for the editing class being offered this fall.

Zachary Wright
Staff Reporter

Two new classes will be added to the course catalogue this upcoming 2017 – 2018 school year. The classes, Journalism 350 will be taught by associate professor of journalism Linda Jones, and an honors class about Hamilton taught by Dr. Thomas Kernan, assistant professor of music history.

Students need to have taken the prerequisite Eng 102 in order to have taken Journalism 350, an editing class. Prof. Linda Jones says it is open to all students, regardless of major. For journalism, international marketing communications, and media studies majors, it fulfills elective requirements. For students not majoring in those listed above, it fulfills a general elective.

Journalism 350 is not the only class coming to Roosevelt this fall.

Students in the honors program may take the class Hamilton and Musicals Recalling History. This course is cross-listed as Music for Non-majors 240-99 with Music History and Literature 240-99.

This course is only offered to students enrolled in the honors program.

It is unclear if this course will be offered for students who are not enrolled in the honors program. Hamilton and Musicals Recalling History, according to Kernan, will be a “convenient way” for music conservatory students to participate in honors, as well as bringing more music courses for students enrolled in the honors program.

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