Prost! serves German classics with German style



Schnitzel sandwich and home-cut french fries. Photo by Zachary Wright.

By Zachary Wright
Staff Reporter

Following Germany’s long, rich history of architecture of white walls with dark woods, illuminated with dim lights on old candelabras mixing with the natural sunlight, Prost! offers a quiet but welcomed change of pace if you ever find yourself wandering around Lincoln Park. It is like stepping into a beer hall you might find if you ever find yourself in the old streets of Munich. As you can tell, Prost! (German for the word “Cheers!”) serves German beers, from pilsners like Radeberger to traditional German lagers like Weihenstephan. One interesting tidbit about traditional German beers were produced under a law that regulated the beer production of Germany for nearly 500 years. This law called for that all German beers could only be brewed with water, hops, and barley. This law was repealed in 1987 but many German beers still follow this mandate.

Prost! offers a cozy atmosphere during the day to dine with your friends. They offer traditional German meals like schnitzels, pretzels, wurst, and other parts that comprise traditional German meals. There is no selection for vegans and vegetarians besides a side salad since most German meals are predominantly meat based and have been for centuries. The side dishes are mostly potato based like German potato salad, home-cut French fries, and potato cakes. Needless to say, meals offered at Prost! is going to loaded with carbs.

One of the best things about Prost! besides the food is how this bar really does a good job capturing the feeling and spirit of Germany. They offer outside seating in the warmer months of spring and summer, but they are literally underneath the train tracks of the Brown Line so this may be a place where you’d be more grateful to sit inside. The waiting staff is friendly and knowledge about their selections, so that’s a plus. Not only, it’s relatively cheap for what you can order.

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