Melrose Restaurant, visiting American roots


Farmhouse Burger with a fried egg. Photo by Zachary Wright.

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Located in Lakeview East, Melrose Restaurant is a good place to stop in for a big bite to eat late at night or for an early morning breakfast. Open 24/7, there really isn’t a perfect time for you to stop in and get cozy in this old but contemporary diner. The diner itself is old with dated furniture which really adds to the charm. There isn’t anything too modern in the Melrose Restaurant so it feels like a step back in time. The menu is loaded with American classics like a burger and steak fries for dinner or pancakes with all the fixings for breakfast. It is served home-style (aka sloppy) like your mother used to it.

The menu is loaded with tons of choices. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served 24/7 so if you wanted a sandwich for breakfast, you can get it. The entrees are enough to keep you filled until your next meal but not too much that you just want to hibernate until next week. Vegetarians are also in luck. The drink menu is basic.

This isn’t the kind of place you exactly come for the food, more so for the company you’re with; The food is good and the menu offers a bang for your buck with the only downside being it leaves you yearning for a bit more flavor. The service staff is very friendly and do work hard for their tips, which is always a plus.

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