RU holds LinkedIn workshop


Katie Molchan speaking to the students. Photo by Ian Jackson

By Ian Jackson
Photos By Ian Jackson
Caption: Katie Molchan speaking to the students

Linkedin is starting to be a popular social media because of the people that are using it. A lot of people are using Linkedin for job opportunities and that they could not get anywhere else. Katie Molchan, who is a senior consultant of Beacon Hill Legal which is a staffing for paralegals.

On April 6, Molchan explained how Linkedin is a very helpful source to find great job opportunities that you can’t find near your town or area and can contact you at anytime.

“I hope the students today spend some time updating and adding to (or maybe even create for the first time) their LinkedIn profile.

Whether they find themselves in the market today or in five years, there are many ways your LinkedIn can benefit your career overall,” said Molchan.

Chanita Britton, who is the assistant director of paralegal studies at Roosevelt and was the host of the presentation said how important it was to the students to have the presentation.

“In the Paralegal Studies Program we offer similar presentations so that our students have the skills they need to conduct an effective job search, prepare the ideal resume, succeed in a job interview and know how to handle themselves in a professional manner on the job,” said Britton. She also said how much she enjoyed the presentation, and Katie Molchan gave an excellent presentation on how to build a strong LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers. Audience members volunteered to have their own profiles critiqued by Molchan.

Ira Milton, is a graduate of the RU Paralegal Program and was in attendance for the event. “I think there should be more presentations like this because their is a need for this my generation, the next generation of para professionals to learn how to groom and maintain their networking skills. So qualified paralegal professionals can find jobs that they are qualified for,” Milton said. He also said he found the presentation to be very insightful, particularly because of the expertise of Molchan as a senior recruiter at one for the top agencies in the legal staffing business. I was able to learn a lot about my professional e-profile, and how it may be perceived by potential and current employers.

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