IMC students look to help refugees


Photo courtesy of the UNHCR. Photo by Ian Jackson

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

In the IMC 347 Capstone class, the class is trying to raise $2,300 for the UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee relief agency. “We have to create an actual IMC campaign complete with social media posts, ads, and a PR event. Ideally, we would like to have each person who sees our ads or posts give about ten bucks individually. The idea is that everyone gives a little bit, but ultimately, it all makes a big difference,” said 22-year-old IMC senior Adam Schalke.

With the guidance of professor Lee Earle the students help out the agency and they develop their skills to help others which would be PR, social media and advertisement in order to raise funds for the refugees.

“It would not be possible without Lavonne Downey helping set up with united nations. Every year when I teach I want to give back, to the give a shot program and follow the mission statement of Roosevelt university. Each student gets to utilize their skills and present for future employers,” Earle said.

The capstone class takes on real world scenarios by professors which is a win-win for the students at Roosevelt as well.

Robert Kipferl, a 24-year-old IMC senior who is also in Earle’s class is doing this project. “Our main goal is to raise money to provide an education for refugee children.

Specifically, we are partnering with United Nations Refugee Agency to raise money for refugees in Camp Kakuma, Kenya. As a class, we have a goal of raising a minimum of $2,400,” said Kipferl.

Kipferl also said professor Earle chose the cause of helping bring education refugees.

“Professor Earle has been very helpful. His goal is to get us to utilize our Integrated Marketing Communications skill set to run a successful campaign. At every corner, Lee issued a challenge to every group. To create good work takes hard work. It takes rewriting and revising several times until it’s right,” Kipferl said.

Earle said people can take this to their employers and say that you raise X-amount of money with a zero dollar budget. They are doing good for others, while learning how to better ourselves as soon to be IMC graduates for the outside world.

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