Tozi BBQ disappoints with unclean surroundings

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

When you walk past Tozi BBQ in Wicker Park, the view from the window shows a modern, contemporary Korean setting with bold colors and K-Pop music videos playing in the background. As you enter through their front doors, that’s when you notice it. It’s empty, cold, and leaves you wondering: “will other people judge you cause you and your friends are eating at a supposedly ‘hip’ place alone?” Tozi BBQ does not seem to attract a lot of people, which is odd considering it is located just feet away from the Division stop on the Blue Line.

Tozi BBQ does allow you to grill your own meats and vegetables on the table top grill, a popular and growing trend for Korean cuisine. The bulgogi is succulently sweet and does offer a spicy version also. Exotic meats are offered that are cooked and plated gorgeously. Vegetarians have a wide selection to enjoy. The appetizers are perfect to share with a small group of friends. So, what can be wrong with Tozi BBQ if the food is good and service is wonderful?
It’s dirty.

The table was dirty, the plates were dirty, and the silverware was dirty. Dirtiness in a restaurant is simply unacceptable because you can get very sick from foodborne illnesses on top of careless staff that doesn’t seem to pride themselves in what could be a beautifully decorated restaurant. Gross films on the table and silverware can draw back some, especially those who read reviews online before they go. Tozi BBQ had the potential to be a place to stop by as the food is the delicious but can’t make up for how boring atmosphere and dirt and grime of the restaurant.

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