Not so fine dining at Sushi Mura


Photo by Zachary Wright

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Located in Southport just steps away from the Music Box Theatre, Sushi Mura specializes in, as the name suggests, sushi. Working with a tiny and narrow space, Sushi Mura decorates their room with traditional Zen philosophies and simple decorations like exposed white brick and dark woods. For those seeking something simpler after a Cubs Game this baseball season, Sushi Mura might be the place for you as it is only a couple blocks west from the stadium.

The food is something that falls on the simple but tasty side. Sushi Mura offers a slim menu with sushi being its main attraction (obviously). Sushi Mura does offer specialty sushi and maki with names a variety of trendy, odd names that kind of ruin the traditional Japanese feeling they try to go for. Sushi Mura also offer other dishes like ramen, udon, and bibimbap which is a Korean dish. However, for the selections that aren’t sushi or maki, it would have to be called Japanese inspired since they put their own twists on classic dishes that would be fine on its own. However, buyer beware. This place would be a health inspector’s paradise as the sushi is made near the stoves in the kitchen. It’s not very far from each other which can potentially get you food poisoning if they aren’t careful.

One of the biggest downfalls is the service. Sushi Mura is hardly busy but somehow, you might be waiting longer than necessary for you to see your waitress again. That can depend on who your waitress is but it is something that the restaurant might need to focus on as the food does not make up for the less than decent service. Sushi Mura might be a place you’d like to return to but for some, it’d be the place to avoid unless there is no other option.

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