2017 World Series is anyone’s game

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

After a long journey to the promised land, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series crown last season against the Cleveland Indians.
Some early favorites are of course the Cleveland Indians, with the addition of the heavy hitter from the Toronto Blue Jays Edwin Encarnacion.
The Indians look to him to bring the big hit power that the Indians desperately needed last season.

Chicago’s hometown World Series champions, the Cubs, look promising with their hard work and tough plays they brought last season. Some fans are rooting for the White Sox this year though.

“I got the White Sox. I’m at South Side guy at the end of the day. Miracles happen everyday, let’s hope for one with those guys as well. Go sox!” said 25-year-old IMC senior Josh Taylor.

Opening day started April 3 with the world series champion Chicago Cubs playing away against their National League rival St. Louis Cardinals. Former Cub Dexter Fowler now plays for the St. Louis Cardinals which has added to this historic rivalry. Despite losing key championship team members Fowler and catcher David Ross to retirement, the North Siders are still the favorites to win it all again in 2017.

“The Chicago Cubs have a chance to go to the World Series again. Whether it’s hitting, pitching, or even coaching, the Chicago Cubs are a very solid team. Even if there are questions about starting pitchers it will be mitigated with their incredibly talented hitters, especially with a full season coming from Kyle Schwarber this year,”said 20-year-old Biology Junior Andrew Bohlmann.

Time will tell if the Cubs will repeat the title this year. Leadoff man Kyle Schwarber is back in full health, and the dynamic duo of Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo are sure to bring some power to the Cubs lineup. Jon Lester and Jake Arrieta will lead the pitching rotation, with Cy Young finalist Kyle Hendricks not far behind.

“I believe the Cubs will win again because of their fighting spirit that they had in that game seven last season and I believe they will bring it out again. #Repeat,” said senior IMC major Keegan Kaczor.

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