English major panel prepares students for careers


The panelists get ready to speak. Photo by Ian Jackson.

By Ian Jackson
Photos By Ian Jackson
Caption: The panel getting ready to speak

People often question their degrees. Student hear, “What are you going to do with that degree?” and “Can you pay off student loans with an English major?”
The English Department held a panel discussion on April 3 to help answer these questions and any others that students or faculty had about opportunities within the English field.

The panel consisted of Alumni from Roosevelt talking about their experience with what they do now since they graduated with an English degree. One of the member was Jason Witherow, an alumni who is now a technical writer.

“The one main theme of the panel, besides the teacher, was that everyone had to take a long look at what they do. I hope they realize if they just change their goals a little bit, or a lot, in my situation, they can translate their degree into a lucrative and fulfilling career,” said Witherow.

Amber Floy, a freshman English major, attended the panel to really listen in on what the alumni had to say.

“What I really got out of it was my discussion with the panelists about whether a marketing minor would help in my career pursuits at all. Also, the advice of ‘just put yourself out there’ and on dynamic thinking in the workplace gave me some confidence in the skills that I am developing,” said Floy.

Career Counselor Grace Whiting came to the panel discussion to see how the alumni are doing and what are they up to now.

“I loved one of the panelists’ answers to a student questions when asked what is the best website for job search- the panelist said, ‘LinkedIn.’ That answer made the point that networking and talking to people is the best way to get a job. I loved the honest answers about struggles and the lessons learned in finding a job,” said Whiting.

Whiting also said she believes it’s a winning situation all around. Students learn of the varied career paths for their major and it’s always great to have alums return and visit with the professors and share their experiences. The office of Career Development is happy to partner with departments for these targeted panel presentations.

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