Softball team is improving, but there’s still work to be done


IMG_2267 (1)

Coach Moore with in huddle with the team before the game. Photo courtesy of Anna Abbinante.

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

With a 7-9 record, the softball team had its ups and downs trying to find their groove. It was a rocky beginning with winning their first game and losing the next three or so.

“Our team has definitely had to learn about each other in a relatively short amount of time, getting our new coach a few weeks before games started. It was great that we were excited to play from the start, having the spring break trip to Myrtle Beach helped us bond and hit the ground running with games,” said Senior Pitcher/Outfielder who is a Biology major on the pre-med track Bethany Hart.

Coming back from the Fastpitch Dreams Spring Classic on Mar. 13 there has been a link of close games and not so close games. There has also been some games cancelled due to weather conditions and that has been a problem for both the softball and the baseball teams. “Everyday we are learning and improving. Some of the areas we are lacking in will improve over time and with more experience. These players want to be better and do a great job in paying attention to detail,”said coach Aaron Moore.

The Lakers have a lot of home games coming up before the conference tournament in May which gives them time within each game to fix what they need to fix before heading into the next game without going too out for away games. “Going forward we’re focusing on conference and making it to the tournament. We’re also focusing on team chemistry and just having a ton of fun. We did not get held the ideal cards this season and have gone through some rough patches, we’re just focusing on having fun and giving above and beyond effort every game,” said Sophomore Catcher/Infielder Lauryn Lewis.

The softball team has stretch of away games until they head back home for a big amount of home games in the month of April. “We are focused on one conference opponent at a time, with our goal ultimately to get in the CCAC tournament. We are also trying to create a culture that will set up Roosevelt softball for success in years to come with how we practice, play, and represent the school as student-athletes,” Hart said.

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