Huddle House Grill is a late night adventure


Photo by Zachary Wright

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Located at the very end of the brown line at the Kimball stop, Huddle House Grill is a perfect place to go to for your 3 a.m. cravings when you have to wait for the train to start again if you’re on a tight budget and have no money for an Uber. With its homestyle meals with a mom and pop kind of atmosphere, it is a safe, quiet place to dine alone or with a few friends.

Its menu selection is rather small with diner classics from steak and eggs to omelets for low prices. The restaurant serves soft drinks, water and some juices. You can also order dessert. Anything you choose is going to be affordable with quick, friendly service. At night, it seems there is only one waitress in this tiny room. This is actually one of the best things of Huddle House Grill. Since there is only one waitress, it makes it feel more personable when you and your friends are alone there.

Its cheap selection definitely does not break your budget as the most expensive thing there is perhaps $12 for a steak; rare compared to typical steak prices in Chicago. Not only is it a safe place to stop by late at night, it is also a great place to eat, have a nice relaxed conversation with friends, but to also people watch. A lot of interesting characters roam around the streets at night near the Kimball stop so it may be worth stopping by if you’re ever in that area.

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