Five lesser known Netflix shows worth watching


Photo courtesy of Netflix

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

With season five set to premiere on April 7, this Australian prison drama is gaining international notoriety for its dark plot, amazing acting, and rich stories. Based off a 1970’s show called Prisoner, this new reimagining follows around the character, Bea Smith, who has to survive in prison without slipping into dark side. Each character has their own storyline, adding to the drama that Wentworth does a good job of showing with actors who play their roles beautifully. Wentworth is very raw and doesn’t hold back on the harsh brutality the characters endure, making it much darker than its light hearted counterpart, Orange is the New Black. Because of critical acclaim, Wentworth has already been remade into a Danish version, with German and Belgian versions set to premiere soon.

Taking its own twist upon a cliché plot device, the Canadian show Travelers puts its own twists on the notion of time travelling. The show makes the use of today’s technology, such as the internet, mixing it with tomorrow’s ideas. The cast is backed by a strong ensemble, made up of Canadian actors who play relatable characters that act in today’s world, following an original plot instead of relying on old clichés. This isn’t a show that you can jump into since each story arc builds on each other despite only having one season with season two under production. Travelers, a lesser known show, is a hidden gem of 2016.

Every family has their skeletons but the Rayburns take it to a different level. The Rayburns are so unhappy that it makes your family seem loving. If you haven’t noticed, the story follows the Rayburn family and their dysfunctional son, Danny, who pulls the family into a lot of trouble with the law, a drug lord, and pits the family against each other. Bloodline’s characters are believable, all backed by strong actors in the story set in the Florida Keys. Not everything is sunny in paradise as the third and final season is set to premiere sometime this summer.

Following the murder of a child, Broadchurch is set in a tiny, fictional English seaside along the Jurassic Coast. With plot twists and hidden agendas, each character is unique and fresh despite following some clichés. The two seasons on Netflix build on each other, backed by strong and renowned actors like David Tennant, Olivia Colman, and Charlotte Rampling. Season three is currently airing in the U.K., following the case of a woman who was brutally raped, and is expected to premiere on Netflix shortly after.

Sense8 is another sci-fi drama, following the lives of eight people from all corners of the world. They’re connected mentally and emotionally, able to share their knowledge with each other. Each character is played by an actor apart of the actual culture represented so for Americans, the cast is largely unknown. Despite being a truly international show, each episode is well-made and beautifully acted. Worth watching for the second season premiering this summer.

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  1. I’m gonna check these out! I’m crazy about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but like the Mindy Project, it takes a certain type of person to enjoy it. Thanks for the list!

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