Amazon’s ‘Z’ is a roaring hit


Photo courtesy of Amazon

By Megan Schuller
Editor in Chief

F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the literary greats of the 20th century saw much success and failure come with his writing career. Alongside him for it all, and perhaps the biggest forces to be reckoned with was his wife Zelda Sayre.

The series Z: the Beginning of Everything on Amazon devolves into how the unlikely pair met and fell in love despite being from different backgrounds, and Fitzgerald being in the military. Nevertheless, she becomes the inspiration behind his words as the once rejected “This Side of Paradise” becomes a bestseller.

The young couple gets married after moving to New York, which is where both the fun and the trouble beings as their success and money from “This Side of Paradise” is short lived.

The first season is based off the actual story of the Fitzgeralds, and work to dramatize the main events of their life that goes beyond what the simple biography in English class tells us. It’s also primarily focused on Zelda, with F. Scott as the secondary character, even though they rely on each other heavily throughout. Christina Ricci and David Hoflin star as the Fitzgeralds, portraying the dynamically different duo quite well.

The characters are defined early on independently, so as the season picks up or loses pace, there is an apparent shifts after the two marry and Fitzgerald is unable to write a follow up to his bestselling novel. Fitzgerald becomes an out of control alcoholic which sends Zelda’s character into a battle of fighting depression and living up to expectations of “ideal wife.”

The momentum slows down significantly during this time. It losses the roaring 20’s feel as Zelda loses that flapper image that she had created for herself when first moving to New York. As much as the character’s lives and personalities start to unravel, they try to remain committed to one another, even though it takes a lot of work and compromise.

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