The Writing Center celebrates National Poetry Day


E.Mairin Barney (Left) with poetry contest winner Amber Floy (Right)

By Ian Jackson
Photos By Ian Jackson

The Roosevelt Writing Center held a poetry contest for students who wanted to showcase their writing talents and creativity. Students shared their poetry in recognition of National Poetry Day on March 21.

The theme for the poets to incorporate in their poems was “spring is coming.” After that, members of the writing center the honorable mention of the contest Alicia Drier and the contest winner herself Amber Floy shared their favorite poems when they were younger and also their favorite current poems that meant a lot to them.

“We did the poetry contest in honor of National Poetry Day. I love the writing contests because we get students engaged in writing for fun, rather than only for class,” said E. Mairin Barney, the director of the Writing Center.

The winner of the contest was freshman English major Amber Floy with her winning poem “The Ides of March.” This is the second time she has won a writing contest for the Writing Center.

“I wrote this one after getting a flash of inspiration while watching the news right before the deadline to submit. I wanted to write a poem about growing and becoming stronger in this new political climate our nation faces, and the topic of ‘spring’ ended up being the perfect facilitator of my ideas,” said Floy.

Floy said she is always looking forward to an opportunity to share her works. Sharing with others and hearing feedback are some of the greatest assets for a developing writer.

First year graduate student Alicia Drier ended being the honorable mention of the poetry contest with her poem. During the process of writing the poem, Drier said it was a good challenge for her.

“It may seem that this would be a great challenge, but spring is actually one of my favorite topics to approach. As a writer, it gives an opportunity to discuss life and new beginnings. Especially in the realm of poetry, where symbolism reigns supreme, spring is a very easy topic to discuss,” said Drier.

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