The Writing Center: dodging writer’s block and upcoming events


By Gianna D’Argento
Contributing Reporter
Photo by Gianna D’Argento

Writer’s block: we’ve all been there. Students find themselves pulling all-nighters, their hair and losing their minds over term papers—but we students aren’t alone. The Writing Center at Roosevelt University located in Auditorium Building 442 has fourteen tutors ready to work together with students whether they’re having trouble organizing a biology lab report, creating a cover letter, or just proof-reading a research paper for minor errors.

Alejandra Mendez, a senior at Roosevelt University and a tutor at the Writing Center for four semesters, comments on how the misperceptions of tutoring can restrict students for asking for the writing help that they may need.
“Coming to the writing center for help doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. Everyone can use help with their writing, there is always room for improvement,” Mendez said. There’s no such thing as the perfect writer – students can always find ways to enhance their writing skills.

The Writing Center isn’t just for serious-writing business. On March 21 the Writing Center is hosting a Writing Contest and Poetry Party in honor of World Poetry Day. Poem submissions were due on March 13th. If you didn’t get the chance to write or submit a poem—no worries! At the Poetry Part on March 21st from 3-4pm students can participate in the voting process by reading and voting for their favorite poem. First and second place winners will be featured on the Writing Center’s social media platforms and the first place winner will receive a mystery prize!

The current political climate we are in can lead to the dreaded Facebook argument that can ultimately leave one feeling guilty for expressing his or her personal opinions. If you’re passionate about what’s going on politically, the Writing Center and the Library are hosting a Political Letter Workshop on March 22nd, from 2-3pm in Auditorium building 442, that will help students find their representative and assist in writing letters or emails to voice their political concerns.

For tutoring, students can make an appointment by calling (312) 341-2206 or email for a one-on-one session with a tutor. For last-minute writing emergencies (like, a “my dog ate my homework” type of thing) students can also stop into the writing center – Tuesdays through Thursdays, 10am-4pm or on Fridays 11a.m.-4p.m. and can work with an available tutor.

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