University seeks nominations for student speakers

By Lauren Grimaldi
Managing Editor

The stage of the Auditorium Theatre has been the scene for many historic moments. From Frank Sinatra to the Beach Boys, the Chicago landmark has seen it all. It is also home to Roosevelt University’s graduation ceremonies. However, the conferral of degrees is not the only important part of the day.

The ceremony also features student speakers who are chosen from a select pool of nominees. With the end of the semester and thus graduation rapidly approaching, the university is once again seeking nominations from faculty and the RU community.

“The ideal candidate for a student speaker at graduation has had a personally transformative Roosevelt experience, and represents the unique student body that we are so proud to educate here,” said Associate Provost of Academic Enrichment and Retention Megan Bernard.

Potential student speakers can come from any department of the university. Students from Chicago, Schaumburg or online are eligible for nomination as well.

“The best speeches tell a story that illustrates why education in general is essential for the speaker and why their Roosevelt education in particular has been irreplaceable for them,” said Bernard.

Bernard said that over the years the speeches have made for some of the most memorable and emotional moments of the ceremonies.

“The emotions and singular perspective of the speaker make each speech unforgettable. All of our student speakers have been fantastic and every speech has provided a moving snapshot of what it really means to earn a degree here,” Bernard said.

Each commencement will feature a different student speaker as the speakers will only address the audience of the ceremony their degree is awarded at.
Bernard said that there are ways to make a nomination application stronger.

“A really strong writer who has obviously taken time to reflect upon their experience here, who has worked to articulate what their education means to them personally and for their future, will have a solid chance of being selected,” Bernard said.

Nomination applications are due on March 20 and can be submitted at:

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