Panaderia Nuevo Leon: taking a little slice of Pilsen

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Panaderia Nuevo Leon in Pilsen is the perfect place to spoil your diet or ruin your appetite for dinner. Leon specializes in sweet, delicious Mexican pastries that are served fresh. Most pastries are made that day and the team is constantly refilling shelves with warm treats just pulled from the oven. Just grab a tray and get started.

You won’t be spending too much time here so this is a good place for when you are in a time crunch . Patrons serve themselves which gives you the ability to choose your portion size. The store itself is small with a rustic hometown kind of feel. Shelves are filled top to bottom with pastries.

Pilsen residents have been stopping by since they first opened their doors in 1973. The restaurant caters to dessert fans alike, including vegans. The options for vegans aren’t overflowing, but the selection is still big considering most bakeries don’t offer vegan choices.

Because this is a grab and go kind of bakery, they don’t offer coffees, teas, and other specialty drinks like a traditional bakery provides. They have a refrigerator stocked with Mexican coke, Jarritos and water. But, keep in mind, what they lack in drinks, they make up for in pastries.

One perk worth mentioning is how affordable Nuevo Leon is. It is easy to get carried away but when their goods don’t break the bank it is not such a bad thing. Pastries are weighed so there is not a set price on everything, but if you’re on a budget and want to spoil yourself a little Nuevo Leon, might be the place you need to venture to.

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