Black Student Union hosts Battle of the Sexes


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By David Villegas
Contributing Reporter

The Black Student Union hosted its annual Battle of the Sexes where students held discussion where women and men answered questions related to relationships and sex.

“This event was supposed to be one of our fun events for our BSU week, Battle of the Sexes. Get people out talking. Get the campus involved in our organization. There’s really good people. Some polarizing debates. So that was the main purpose of our event,” Vice President of Black Student Union Joshua Albury said.

When asked how important conversations about relationships and sex are, Albury said, “I think it is very important. We are in a time now where safety is critical, critical measures. Love, lust, relationships are all very important to college students as well as those who are just recently graduated and that is who was at this tonight.”

Albury discussed that they touched on topic that are important today like the the dynamics of relationships, the future of relationships, how they can progress, and friendships.
Rhyan Gillard, biology major, attended the event and said it was interesting.

“I feel like these conversations need to be had about relationships because I feel a big part of being a young person is learning about yourself and finding love and trying to sort your way through,” Gillard said. “I feel like our youth as young adults we have a problem realizing what love is beyond sex. I feel like some of these questions were the questions that our generation has to ask currently.”

There are people who feel that more conversations about this topic should happen more often even if they did not attend the event.

“Yes, there should be more conversations about relationships and sex. People’s personal space and understanding about personal space have dwindled more than ever because of social media,” said Terrance Knight, accounting major.

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