Thank a Donor Day was a success


By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter
Photos By Ian Jackson

Students lined up around a table to sign a card and take a picture to show their appreciation to the alums and supporters of Roosevelt University that have made their college experiences possible.

On Thank a Donor Day, thousands of RU alumni and supporters are inspired to be a part of a students’ college experience by generously contributing to make their educational experience possible.

“The purpose behind Thank a Donor Day is to promote the generous philanthropy of so many donors who have given to Roosevelt University that help fund students in many ways through scholarships, physical objects, faculty research and programs this way anyone can stop by and say thank you,” said Director of Stewardship Ann Puotinen.

For Integrated Marketing and Communications senior Yasmeen Lipprand, since she is a first generation student, she said without this scholarship she would not be where she is right now in her life.

“I think the event is good to be able to let those who gave us scholarships see our faces and give our thanks. I think it could have been a little bigger because it is important give thanks,” said Lipprand.

Lipprand also said that it is always for donors to feel that they are appreciated and a card from a student or faculty member really goes a long way to making a donor feel engaged to what is happening and to feel that their gift made a difference.

“I felt the students were very grateful, they were very kind and very generous to stop by in the first place because most have busy schedules or they have class but with the people that did stop by and signed the card showed an extreme amount of attitude,” said administrative clerk Barbara McCain.

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