Furious Spoon offers a not so furious bite


A bowl of ramen at Furious Spoon. Photo by Chicago Tribune

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Loners and recluses unite, for there is a place for you to eat when you want to spoil yourself a little. Everyone needs to spend a little time on themselves, especially around midterms and finals. Now, if you’re the type that’s not afraid to dine alone and want to treat yourself, Furious Spoon may be the spot for you.

Ramen is Furious Spoon’s specialty. With a limited selection to choose from, the option to customize your ramen entree is what allows you to make your dish your own. You can add things like poached eggs, various vegetables and have a side of rice if you wish.
One bowl itself is pretty filling. Vegans may want to sit this one out because there is only one choice of ramen for you that is entirely veggie based.

Furious Spoon does offer alcohol if that suites your fancy. With options such as sake and Japanese beers such as Kirin, Orion, Asah and a handful of cocktails. Selection for any drink at this place is very limited with a little selection.

The restaurant may impress the younger crowds with its unique atmosphere, but fails to impress otherwise. With low lighting to cover its dingy ambiance, it is hard to tell what kind of “theme” the restaurant is trying to go for. The location in Wicker Park seems to cater toward the young, trendy, college kid crowd rather than appealing to everyone.

If you aren’t a fan of loud places and want a quiet place to hang by yourself, then Furious Spoon is the place to avoid. Also, there is a very small seating area so groups of friends could find this a poor choice because it is a popular place. Besides drinks, everything else is reasonably priced with decent service.

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