Internship prep workshop offers students advice


Grace Whitling and Emily Komendera give internship advice to students. Photo by Ian Jackson

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter
Photo by Ian Jackson

Many students have a hard time with finding the right internship and figuring out what they want to do in their careers. The Career Development center held a workshop about finding the perfect internships for their students with the help of the career development team on Feb. 15.

Career Counselor Emily Komendera believes the workshop was a chance for students to receive extra assistance.

“I was looking for students to participate and ask great questions about anything they were curious about in their fields for internships,” Komendera said. “The great advantage for students of attending group programs like this over individual meetings is that students can learn from each other, they’re motivated to put what’s learned into action.”

The several students in attendance learned information aimed at helping enhance their abilities to search for internships that fit to their liking and expertise.

“The turnout was fine. Our department has scheduled over 30 events for this semester alone and we are happy to have nine students or 12 students or five students,” Career Counselor Grace Whitling said. “We try to change the times and days around for our workshops so we can accommodate classes and working schedules.”

Ronit Patel, a senior biotechnology and chemical science major felt the workshop was helpful.

“It was great having this type of workshop because being an international student graduating in May 2017, I have to have clear picture of the job opportunity,” Patel said. “I don’t think there could be any other additional information they could have given to us than what they already gave us.”

In the future, Komendera said that the Career Development center may consider working with student organizations to boost publicity about events. She said they have seen increases in turnout from involvement with the GPS program,through publicizing their events in the student broadcast and around campus through CSI.

“I think it was great for students to get the data and stats on how many interns end up converting to full-time employment after graduation, and that that number is only growing,” said Komendera.

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