Roosevelt’s math tutoring program benefits students


Books at the tutoring center. Photo by David Villegas.

By David Villegas
Contributing Reporter

Many students struggle with math, so it is important that they know that there is math tutoring available to them for free and at any time at Roosevelt.

Melanie Pivarski, who is an associate professor of mathematics as well as the chair of the mathematics and actuarial science department, explains how tutoring works at Roosevelt:

“Students work on their own, and whenever they want to ask a question, a tutor is there to help. Tutors help students to think about what is happening in a problem, help them troubleshoot for small errors, and can also do similar examples … they don’t do the problems for them. During some preset times there are faculty there too who can proctor quizzes for developmental math,” Pivarski said.

William Ash, a lecturer in mathematics, spoke about the participation level of students at the math tutoring center:

“The raw numbers are low compared to tutoring centers at other schools, but that is due to there not being that many students. For example this semester we only offer two sections of college algebra, so even if half the college algebra students come, that’s only 30 students,” Ash said. “The students who do come through, regularly come back multiple times during the semester.”

Ash included a rundown of the percentages of students who took advantage of this tutoring program during the last semester, according to their math class enrolled. He said that math 095/06 students were at 58 percent, quantitative literacy students at 29 percent, finite math students at 8 percent, college algebra at 27 percent, statistics at 49 percent, calculus 1 at 13 percent, and calculus 2 at 75 percent.

Evetta Stephenson, a junior majoring in business with a minor in finance and accounting, gave her perspective on the math tutoring program:

“I found it a lot beneficial for myself. I was able to function a little better one-on-one with the multiple tutors that were here. They were knowledgeable of the information that I was seeking. They explained it in a self-explanatory way more so in Layman’s terms of understanding of how to derive a specific answer that is required of us,” Stephenson said.

“Anyone that is struggling or find themselves questioning any type of math, [math tutors] are very helpful and I recommend that they come,” Stephenson said.

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