‘Carmen’ is a great experience for first-time opera goers


Photo courtesy of Stefany Phillips (Lyric Opera, Chicago)

By Rachel Popa
Managing Editor of Social Media and Web Content

Going to see an opera may seem like it would be an intimidating, high-brow experience, but going to see ‘Carmen,’ the classic opera by French composer Georges Bizet at the Lyric Opera downtown is a great experience, especially for those who have not seen an opera performed live before.

“Carmen,” which takes place in southern Spain, follows the conflicted love story of Don José, a soldier, and Carmen, an alluring gypsy who tries to pull Don José away from his life as a soldier to live free as a gypsy. Trouble arises when Don José receives troubling news about his mother from his childhood sweetheart Michaela, and he must choose between duty or love. However, Carmen herself is presented with a tough choice when she is forced to choose between Don José and her former lover, the toreador Escamillo.

The Lyric Opera’s performance of “Carmen” was an enchanting and inviting experience complete with stunning sets, costumes, and of course, Bizet’s iconic and timeless score. The performance is entirely in French, but is helpfully subtitled in English on a screen above the stage. “Carmen” is playing at the Lyric Opera of Chicago Feb. 11 through March 25.

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