SGA Holds First Meeting of Spring Semester


Photo by Dominic Gwinn

Dominic Gwinn
Staff Reporter

The Roosevelt Student Government Association held their first meeting of the Spring 2017 semester. Topics discussed ranged from updating the Roosevelt student handbook, continuing an outreach initiative to attract additional students to the SGA, and garnering attention and support for a rally at the Illinois state capitol in Springfield in support of higher education funding through MAP grants.

“We’re going through a lot of changes, administrative as well as financial, so it’s important that the student body is on the same level,” said SGA Vice President, James Davis. “SGA needs to be the hub for that, where students can come together and talk about these changing issues in a common space.”

For the coming year, the SGA would like to focus on policies specific to expanding Roosevelt’s ongoing mission of social justice, says Davis, and the annual release of Roosevelt’s student handbook is a key tool in instituting that mission among students.
“As we start doing more productive changes I think more people will start noticing us and will hop on board,” said SGA President Nathan Stoll about the organization’s efforts to attract more students for involvement in student government.

“I thought it was very interesting to see the various student bodies express their concerns with what goes on in the school,” said Charles Harris, a recent transfer student and political science major who attended the SGA meeting. “I thought that it was very interesting to see that the student government body would have this much of an impact in such a big school to affect the stability of the students as a whole. I thought that was pretty cool.”

Other topics discussed were a planned meeting with the administration to discuss certain aspects of the food service available in the cafeteria so that the administration is aware of students’ concerns, and the planning of additional events throughout the semester.

The SGA also urged that students come forward and voice concerns through active participation in student government.

“If they don’t feel comfortable coming to us in a public meeting, that’s totally acceptable,” said Stoll. “The best way to make your voice heard is to come to the meetings, let us know that you want to bring something and we’ll set aside some time for you to speak your peace.”

Students with questions, comments and suggestions for the SGA can leave a message in a suggestion box at the Center for Student Involvement in WB 317, or attend SGA meetings, now held in the Spertus Lounge, AUD 244.

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