Diners can expect good stuff at Good Stuff Eatery


By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Good Stuff Eatery offers exactly what the name suggests: good stuff. From huge burgers to delicious milkshakes to greasy French fries, there may be something for you at this narrow but modern restaurant.

Good Stuff Eatery specializes in hamburgers where the ingredients are all farm to table. This essentially means that each ingredient that goes into the meal is locally grown and raised. The selection is slim but one good thing about this restaurant is that you can swap out a hamburger for chicken, as well as the bun for a lettuce wrap. So despite the slim selection, you still have plenty of options. Customers can also order three different types of French fries, as well as a side of fried cuts of onion.

Drinks: Besides serving regular Coca-Cola products, Good Stuff Eatery offers a small but tasty selection of milkshakes. Each milkshake only has two relatively small sizes but it is more than filing, especially after eating the huge sandwiches you ordered. The milkshakes are thick too so that may be a downside if you aren’t a fan.

Good Stuff is located a few steps South of Madison and Wabash, making for a short walk from the Gage building. The employees are very friendly so that is a plus. The lot itself is narrow, but it is very modern and feels very casual. Also, the place is very clean, even the restroom is too. One downside is that they play music loudly to the point you may have to repeat yourself numerous times. Prices are relatively cheap for how much food you get. You really do not have to worry about the meal breaking the bank for those who want a change from the cafe in the Wabash building or mom’s cooking.

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