What’s the recruitment process coaches use to reel players?


Photos Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

College coaches always have a particular way to bring in top recruits from different high schools to play for their college. Roosevelt has their way as well, “I look for good soccer players (I.Q., tactics, technical skills) if there is a good player out there we try to get them. Anytime we get a quality player we make it work,” Women’s soccer coach Roland Hahn said.

“We project down the road and in 2017 we lose five seniors sow we lookout and search fast and we need to be ready to bring people in. Each coach has a roster mind to see how many players to fill up the roster,” Hahn said.

“We recruit based on the merits of our school and our baseball program. We offer a unique setting here as most urban campuses don’t participate in baseball and our campus environment is a draw to many student athletes,” Men’s Baseball Coach Steven Marchi said. “We don’t necessarily have requirements. We identify players through a series of recruiting events that take place throughout the year, then we begin the process. We look for certain aspects of playing ability, but we then consider grades, character, reputation, projectability and their desire to be at RU,” Marchi said.

“The big thing is getting recruits to the Chicago campus. Many of our recruits love the fact that Roosevelt is in the city so it is crucial that we show it to them. When I was recruited by Roosevelt in 2011, I was ready to leave the cornfields of Michigan,” Women’s Cross Country coach Aaron King said. “When looking at potential recruits the main requirement is GPA. Our primary goal is to graduate our athletes while developing them as runners is secondary. We have had many talented runners come through the program that cannot handle being a student and an athlete and their grades plummet,” King said.

“We do a lot background checking to ensure that the players we bring in possess good character. We watch how players interact with their teammates, coaches, parents, etc. We want to recruit students who are good academically as well. Finally, skill set and talent of course plays a role in who we recruit,” Women’s Basketball coach Keisha Newell said.

“We created a depth chart based on basketball position and we try to fill in the gaps yearly. It is not a perfect science, but we are aware of what we will be losing to graduation and try our best to fill that basketball position for the following season,” Newell said.

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