Randolph Street Market is worth the hassle



Photo by David Villegas

By David Villegas
Contributing Reporter

On the last weekend of each month the Randolph Street Market pops up at the Local 130 Plumbers Union Hall near the CTA Ashland station served by the Pink and Green Line. This European-style indoor and outdoor market has a number of vendors that sell vintage and antique items as well as some indie designers who show off their products. This market has so many unique items that you can come back a few times each year and find interesting content.

It is worth noting that when it gets warmer in the spring and summer, the parking lot has much more vendors than the indoor market which is also held in the colder months. So judging by the indoor market only, it has items that you would find in your Grandmother’s house, like jewelry and household items. There were also vendors which sell vintage clothing, which mainly consists of women’s clothing with a limited amount of men’s clothing.

Most of the items featured were in the price range of about thirty dollars and up. There’s a handful of vendors who sell small things, like books, magazines and clothing accessories which could be the cheapest option for those on a college student budget.

Come prepared with cash ready as not all vendors have credit or debit card payment options, and be prepared for a packed hall. If you want to stop and look at the products, then be prepared to have patience with people who can get pushy in the small aisles.

The benefit of being a student from any university is that you get a discount of five dollars toward the admission which would is set at ten dollars for the general population. This market is worth going if you find value in items from history that may be worth thousands of dollars or more in the future.

Nevertheless, objects that come from the past have a much better value than money, and that is why I do recommend this market for not just collecting items, but to also have a fun experience in the West Loop.

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