Sweet Station: nothing sweet about it


Photo courtesy of the Chicago El Stop Food Hunt Project

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

As a restaurant that has been rated as one of the best places to eat in Chicago by ABC 7, you would think this is a place you should go out your way for. This is not the case with Sweet Station. At first glance, Sweet Station looks like a high end but casual place to stop by, but don’t be fooled.

First, let’s just say the food is edible. There is nothing noteworthy about the taste or the presentation. Sweet Station offers a wide variety of food but the combination plates are a bit odd. It may take you a long time to finally decide since it is overwhelming. One thing to note is that Sweet Station also does not serve the traditional Chinese meals one may find in Chicago. However, the dessert may be something worth going for if you are looking for something sweet to dine on after dinner at home or somewhere else. The selection isn’t huge but what you can order is rather tasty compared to the mediocre taste of the other menu.

Sweet Station offers Coca-Cola products so nothing more, nothing less. There is a decent selection of smoothies that are good all things considered. If it was not a sit-down kind of restaurant, then it would be something worth coming for alone. There are no offers for alcohol either at Sweet Station also.

Service is remarkably slow so do not think this will be a quick bite to eat. Waiting staff is very nice and helpful as well, so that is a big plus. The ambiance is very casual but modern. It also is very clean which is always a plus when trying out a new place. All in all, nothing is really worth going out your way for so you are better off finding something else in Chinatown to quell your cravings.

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