First Generation Student Services hosts scholarship workshop

By David Villegas
Contributing Reporter

College is expensive, and any college student can have a hard time navigating tuition and applying for scholarships. The Office of First Generation Student Support Services hosted a writing workshop to help prepare Roosevelt students for applying for additional funding.

“In collaboration with First Generation Student Support Services (FGSSS), Noelle Jones, President of INKERIJ, Inc., a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and also involved with the Zeta’s National Education Foundation scholarship committee, conducted a scholarship workshop and training for a group of FGSSS students interested in learning how to make their individual profiles and personal statements ‘unique’ when applying for scholarships,” said Pamela Thompson-Hill, associate director of the first generation student support services.

During the workshop, Jones encouraged participants to talk openly about some of their personal experiences and share memories about their lives, and then strategically pointed out how easily each of their lives were connected in some way.

“The ‘connection’ is what we really want our students to focus on when writing to prompts about why they need money, or how this particular scholarship would help them achieve their academic and career goals,” said Thomson-Hill.

Noelle Jones,  workshop and shared the value of setting up this workshop.

“Sometimes a nudge helps get folks moving and encouragement supports them as they press through the process. We all need someone to believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves, yet, that will not enable us to stay in a prison of fear or continue in deficit thinking. When we are strong enough in our self confidence, we can fly on our own,” Jones said.

Martin Espino, a junior majoring in business management, gave this input on finding additional scholarships.

“I’ve only applied through scholarship central and received a scholarship a year ago but I haven’t actively looked for one since then.”

Lastly, she shared some tips to have success in applying for a scholarship.

“Write to be memorable. Out of all the applications, stand out. Remain in control of language, structure, and style, and be sure to answer all parts of the prompt. However, a real human being with an illustrated story should scream from the pages of that essay. Also, manage your time to ensure that you create and collect all required materials and send them off such that it all reaches the judging committee long before the deadline.”

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