Women’s softball about to begin, but where’s the coach?


NCAA Softball

Photo courtesy of: Steve Woltmann/Roosevelt Athletic

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

The Roosevelt Softball team’s season is about to get underway. They have been practicing in the offseason working on their individual skills, but there is one thing missing from the picture: a coach. Near the end of last season, former coach Amanda Scott resigned.
Athletic Director John Jaramillo says that the search for a new coach is ongoing.

“It’s certainly stressful and not ideal timing in a variety of ways. I take responsibility. However, I have tremendous respect in how our student-athletes have handled this situation, from their response at the outset to their dedication in continuing to work and improve their skills so they’re ready to go,” Athletic Director John Jaramillo said.

“It is not easy filling Amanda Scott’s shoes, as many of our softball student-athletes had strong relationships with her and with assistant coach Lauren Lappin. Nonetheless, I am excited about the prospects and I am looking forward to announcing our new head coach soon,” Jaramillo said about the process of looking for a new coach for the team.

“I take the approach of looking at who is interested and available, utilizing a network cultivated over the years to seek out candidates and, just as importantly, references, and decide who would be the best fit for this program, this department and this University,” Jaramillo said.

During the off-season the players have dealt with this dilemma, but they have worked hard to sharpen their skills for when the season starts. “It’s hard for us as a team to stay connected because we all have such busy schedules and practice is what brings us together. There is also so many new freshmen, so we haven’t had the chance to all mesh yet,” said sophomore psychology major and biology minor catcher/infielder Lauryn Lewis. “It’s hard for all of us to stay connected without having a coach that brings us together for practices and other events. We have been trying to keep a positive look on it and stay optimistic and hope for a new coach soon,” said senior Human resource management pitcher/infielder Siena Gyure.

“Our goal is to stick together as a team and make this season the best we can make it,” Gyure said.

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