My Place is a Spot Worth Trying


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By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Located off the Cermack stop on the Red Line, My Place serves pretty good meals for cheap in Chinatown. My Place is open until 2 a.m. every day, it is the perfect place to get a late dinner with your friends when you are out of options or an early lunch when you’re hungover. The food is delicious enough to possibly come back for too.

My Place offers a wide selection of food that you can choose from. Every option from appetizers to chicken dishes to ramen has huge selections that is kind of overwhelming at first. Even the vegetarian options have some depth to it whereas many restaurants do not. The best thing about My Place is that it is cheap but plentiful. Like any traditional Chinese restaurant, meals are meant to be shared (or hoarded if you’re greedy). Japanese options are offered as well, such as ramen. On top of that, be sure to check out the walls near the entrance for special deals or dishes that may not be on the menu.

Because the food selection is huge, the drink selection is massive too. My Place offers smoothies, bubble tea, teas, and the usual soft drinks. They do not serve alcohol so you will have to get your Tsingtao or Snow Beer somewhere else.

There is a very casual attitude in My Place so feel free to come in as you are. The restaurant, however, is tiny so seating is very limited so it may be best to go during usual lunch or dinner hours. Perhaps it was just an off night, but the waiters were rather slow and the meals didn’t come out all at once. Instead, they came out one by one which kind of dissolves the idea of a group dinner. Overall, do not go out of your way to try My Place, however if you’re in the neighborhood it’s worth trying.

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