Gamma Phi Omega show how holidays are celebrated around the world


Photo by David Villegas

By David Villegas
Contributing Reporter

The Iota Chapter of the Gamma Phi Omega sorority along with Phi Iota Alpha, the International Student Association, the International Students Committee Club and the Association of Latin American Students hosted an event titled “Holidays Around The World” on Tuesday Dec. 6 in Wabash 317.
The event had a couple of display boards, a miniature Santa as well as a diverse set of food and music to greet anyone who entered the room.

Lili Martinez, a senior majoring in business as well as a member of the Iota chapter of Gamma Phi Omega, spoke on what the event’s purpose was.

“We wanted to have an event that incorporated different organizations such as Gamma Phi Omega, Phi Iota Alpha, ISC Club and ISA and basically explain the different holidays and how they are celebrated in different countries. Because we think it’s important to promote awareness that how it’s not only Christmas that’s celebrated but that’s there other holidays that are celebrated across the world,” Martinez explained.

She also described how it was successful getting the other organizations involved with this event.

“We collaborated with ALAS, which is the Association of Latin American Students. We also collaborated with the ISC club, the International Student Association and Gamma Phi Omega, Phi Iota Alpha, which is a Latino Fraternity”, Martinez said. “So yeah, ee want to definitely have events with other organizations around the school and just like have more teamwork across student organizations at the university,” Martinez said.

Samawi Al Helli, a graduate student majoring in Computer Science who is a member of the International Student Association as well as the International Students Committee Club, spoke on how these two organizations collaborated with the Gamma Phi Omega on this event.

“So we did the display board on Italy and Argentina. It is an international event,” Al Helli said.

He also noted what the ISA is welcoming to others.
“The ISA, International Student Association, is not only for international Students. It’s for international students and domestic, local students. So American resident and American citizens can be a part of the ISA,” Al Helli said.
Roshaunda Weddington, a 1st year MBA Graduate student who is the chairman of the Student Government Association, had this to say about the event.

“I was really excited to experience the Holidays Around the World event. As a student, I was excited to see an event that engages the international students on our campus,” Weddington said. “As a SGA Chairman, I was excited to have the opportunity to interact and converse with international students and figure out how we can make them feel more connected to the school. I look forward to more events, like this one, that make international students feel welcomed on campus,” Weddington added.

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