Chicago Artists Coalition hosts two exhibitions


Photo by David Villegas

By David Villegas
Contributing Reporter

The Chicago Artists Coalition, a nonprofit organization which aims to establish a diverse community of artists through corporate partnerships, recently hosted a ceremony for the opening of two exhibitions. Amor Fati and “Preview 6: We’ve Met Before” opened on Friday, December 2.

Amor Fati is an exhibition from the HATCH Projects, one of two artist residencies from the CAC. The BOLT residency along with the other artist residency from the CAC, created the “Preview 6:We’ve Met Before” exhibition.
Faye R. Gleisser, an assistant professor of contemporary art at the University of Indiana at Bloomington, was the curator for “Preview 6: We’ve Met Before” exhibition.
She explained what motivated the artists from the Bolt residency to create this exhibition.

“The motivation for this exhibition is fairly straight-forward–it is a sampling of new work by each of the ten BOLT resident artists in order to prepare and entice viewers to come back and see each of the resident’s solo exhibitions, which will be displayed (one per month) over the next ten months in the gallery space where the preview is now,” Gleisser said.

Gleisser also spoke of how she wanted it to be a separate exhibition from the one by the HATCH projects within the same gallery.

“In my curatorial essay, I proposed various ways that we can consider the preview exhibition as a stand-alone show as well, by gleaning from it a shared dialogue about memory, re-hearings, and re-tellings that the works provide–namely, offering material manifestations of how the past lives on in the present,” Gleisser said.
Both of these exhibitions run through December 22 at the Chicago Artists Coalition located at 217 North Carpenter Street in the West Loop, less than a block away from the CTA Pink and Green Line Morgan station.

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