Hema’s Kitchen is a cozy spot for good food


By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Hema’s Kitchen is a popular restaurant located in the heart of the village of Little India. Hema’s Kitchen’s off the radar location makes them a hidden gem unknown to the city. Serving popular dishes like curries to lesser known ones, Hema’s Kitchen is bound to have a taste for anyone who goes. With hefty plates, you won’t be leaving hungry.

The menu selection is massive. You can find any sort of meat or vegetarian plates that will satisfy your craving for Indian food. However, you must keep in mind that Indian food does not serve beef because of sacred beliefs regarding cows. Orders tend to take some time to be cooked because of the large amount of homemade food they will be serving you, so be sure that you aren’t visiting when you’re in a rush. It is obvious Hema’s staff cares about their customers by the care they put into the food. The dessert menu is limited, but by the time you get dessert, you will still be working on your main entree because there is that much food.

The drink menu is pretty slim but the mango lassi is worth going to Hema’s for. There are specialty teas served like ginger tea and Masala for those who want to mature their drinking preferences.

All in all, Hema’s is a very great place with very friendly staff. Hema (or who is presumed to be) also is very friendly, greeting patrons at tables or escorting them to their seats. The restaurant itself is rather narrow, but it is intimate and cozy. Despite sitting close to other people, you can still hear your friends talk with a full mouth of chewed food. The only downside was there was multiple waiters for one table which gets rather confusing when it comes to things like tipping. Prices are very cheap but there is this policy where you cannot pay for a meal with more than two cards.

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