A Beginner’s Guide to Chicago’s Specialty Doughnut Shops



Photo courtesy of Raffaello

By Joe Molina
Business Manager

Doughnuts are often associated as nothing more than a fried dough ring, or an irresistible delight that has long been a breakfast staple. Specialty doughnuts and have gained notorious popularity making Chicago home to some of the most savoring delights.

There’s a clear reason as to why specialty doughnut shops have seen success in Chicago over the last decade. From doughnut food trucks like Beaver Doughnuts and Doughnut Vault, to the ever-expanding L.A based Stan’s Doughnuts, Chicago’s doughnut market has something to offer everyone.
Doughnuts in Chicago are more than just an add-on to the daily cup of coffee. For a college student who is primarily on the go 24/7, juggling everything that is young adult life from class to work, to remembering to eat when the sun is up can be exhausting. So grabbing that cup of Joe and doughnut from the closest Dunkin or 7/11 often seems like a good idea.

Chicago offers some of the finest doughnuts imaginable. For the most part, specialty doughnuts shops in Chicago can be found off every CTA line. Yet, the ones most Roosevelt students like junior major Miranda Baldwin enjoy include Do-Rite, Firecakes, Glazed and Infused, Stans and Bombo Bar. All of which are within a reasonable walking distance in and around the Loop.

“I keep going back because each doughnut shop cycles in new flavors. Right now Glazed and Infused has an amazing apple cider doughnut. Firecakes has a pumpkin pie doughnut that’s to die for. They also have ice cream doughnut sandwiches all year round and cycle the flavors depending on the season. Do-Rite recently had a cinnamon bun doughnut that was life changing,” Said Baldwin.

Options that can keep even the newest doughnut enthusiast to doughnut connoisseurs coming back for more. Chicago’s specialty doughnut market can be found in every neighborhood, from West Loop to Lincoln Park, to Wicker Park to River North, all share a love and enthusiasm to producing their unique doughnut concoction.

Specialty doughnuts can be life changing, and there’s most certainty more to them than just being a fried dough ring. Just because National Doughnut Day is the first Friday in June, it doesn’t mean Chicagoans can’t enjoy some of these savory irresistible delights. So enjoy this top 5 List of Chicago’s best doughnut shops:

1. Do-Rite Doughnuts: The Loop & Multiple Locations (50 West Randolph Street)
Recommended Choices: Buttermilk Old Fashioned, Vanilla Bean Glazed
2. Firecakes: Near North Side & Multiple Locations (68 W Hubbard St)
Recommended Choices: Chocolate Hazelnut Long John, Butterscotch Praline
3. Glazed & Infused: Lincoln Park & Multiple Locations (939 W Armitage Ave)
Recommended Choices: Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate
4. Stan’s Donuts: Wicker Park & Multiple Locations (1560 N Damen Ave)
Recommended Choices: Blueberry Old Fashioned, Chocolate Nutella Pocket
5. Bombo Bar: West Loop (158 North Green Street)
Recommended Choices: Original Bomboloni, Salted Caramel Bombolon

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