“The Crown” is fascinating for those interested in British Monarchy


Photo courtesy of Netflix

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Directed by Pete Morgan, “The Crown” is predominantly about the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s long reign which started after World War II. Queen Elizabeth II is portrayed by actress Claire Foy who, is the strongest actor in this series.

“The Crown,” would be a popular series for those who like historical dramas, but might not be popular with those who might not understand the history of the monarchy in the United Kingdom. With well-produced scenes lead by brilliant performances, this Netflix series may not draw in viewers who like a series full of action like “The Walking Dead” or viewers who love comedies like “Orange Is The New Black.”

For those that don’t mind watching the drama unfold, this series might be worth watching as characters such as Queen Elizabeth II are painted in a new light. However, “The Crown” is not just about Queen Elizabeth II, but those closest to her. This list includes people like her husband Prince Philip, her sister Princess Margaret and even Prime Minister Winston Churchill in his last years.
“The Crown” was produced beautifully and intimately, painting the figures that we only know about in headlines as relatable figures. For example, Matt Smith, better known for having played the Eleventh Doctor in the science fiction show “Doctor Who,” portrays Prince Philip as more than just a prince, but as a friend, husband and father.

“The Crown” might draw in viewers who like rich stories where the drama comes at a long build up and slow burn. The show seems to get slower as the episodes go on, but somewhat picks up again towards the end of the season. While the actors’ portrayal of each character is done brilliantly, it may not be enough to draw in those who don’t typically like shows like “The Crown.”
Since “The Crown” has been renewed for a second season, this is a series that might be worth watching for those interested in the royal family or the history of the British monarchy, but not be worth the time for those who need the story to get to the point.

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