‘JUMP’ pairs incoming journalism students with faculty mentors


Photo by Rachel Popa

By Lauren Grimaldi
Managing Editor

The Department of Communication recently introduced a new program entitled ‘Journalism Undergraduate Mentoring Program’ (JUMP) that aims at getting journalism students paired with a faculty member once they enter campus their first year at Roosevelt.
The department and faculty decided to create this program so that students would have more guidance in going through the program.

At a recent event held on Nov. 16 gave students a chance to learn more about JUMP and how it will prepare them to land an internship in their junior year. When students arrive on campus, they get to choose or be paired up with a faculty mentor from the journalism program. They continue to meet with this faculty member throughout their time at Roosevelt and receive guidance on obtaining experience in the field and an internship.

The department wishes for students to fulfill the internship requirement of their major within the timeframe of their junior year so that the students can then have time to assess where they are at with their impending careers.

Chijioke Williams, a journalism student, said he felt things were made a little more clear now that the program has been introduced.

“I think it made things a little bit less intimidating. Not that it was necessarily super scary before, but now I have a road map that I can look forward to and breakdown which is nice,” Williams said. Williams said he would prefer to focus on the radio broadcast aspect of journalism, but also realizes that it is good to be flexible in a competitive industry.

Ladarius Tunstall, a transfer journalism student, offered his feelings about the new program and event as well.

“It was very informative… and I got to meet all of the faculty as well,” Tunstall said.

He also said that he would like to focus on sports reporting, but is open to writing on other topics too.

Charlie Madigan, a journalism professor, said he hopes the program will allow for students to come to faculty and advisors more for advice when they need it. He explained in the past it seems that students did not reach out to faculty when in need of guidance and that it is a source of frustration for the department.

“You can’t sit around and expect us to come to you,” Madigan said. “We’re very accessible, if you want to reach out.”

Linda Jones, who serves as the dean of undergraduate studies, explained the new program and its intent as well.

“This is really crucial. We’ve had internships required in the curriculum for about twelve or thirteen years. And I think that we just haven’t focused on it in a way that created a infrastructure to start early and get people into good places,” Jones said.

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