In Case You Missed It – Week of Nov. 14

By Rachel Popa
Managing Editor of Social Media and Web Content

Vice President of Memes

With the reality of a Trump presidency finally setting in, sentimental people have taken to the internet to turn the relationship of Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama into heartwarming and hilarious memes. The themes of the memes include Joe Biden pranking Trump and his family, as well as Mike Pence.

@mikepence vs. @GovPenceIN

On Twitter, there has been some confusion between the Twitter user @mikepence and @GovPenceIN. As @mikepence put it, he’s a software developer, writer and speaker. The other Mike Pence is a “Christo-fascist politician.”


In times of great crisis, we often turn to humor to cope. The same goes for this election. A new hashtag has arisen in the midst of Trump’s win of the presidential nomination – #TrumpNarratesPlanetEarth. The hashtag included tweets that imagined what it would be like if Trump narrated the nature documentary series, “Planet Earth.”

Why do cats love laptop screens so much?

Cats are magical creatures. They’re cute, cuddly (most of the time), and they tend to do weird and perplexing things (hence why cat videos are so popular). Anyone who has owned a cat and a laptop at the same time knows how much cats like rubbing their faces all over the corners of the screen. The reason why cats love laptops will probably always be a mystery (my guess is that they like the warmth from the laptop), but that doesn’t stop people from posting pictures of their cats online caught in the act.

 NASA captures images of a supernova for the first time


NASA peered back over one billion years int0 the past to observe the death of a star. The star, KSN 2011D, was 500 times bigger than the Sun, and was located 1.2 trillion light-years away from the Milky Way. Since the star was located so far away, it took over a billion years for the light from the supernova to reach Earth, meaning that the star itself has been dead for billions of years. Click here to watch the original video.

Time Out Chicago lists the 10 things Chicagoans have to explain to tourists


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

When people from out of town come to Chicago, they’re often shocked by how we Chicagoans tend to do things our own special way. Time Out Chicago listed some of things Chicagoans have to explain to people from out of town. The list included instructions to stand on the right side of the escalator if you’re not planning on walking up it, the point that nobody but tourists hang out in the Loop, that the city really isn’t that dangerous, and more. Check out the original list here.

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