RU weighs in on the problems with fining athletes


Photo courtesy of ESPN.

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

Sports fines are affecting the way athletes play and express themselves on the field or court as faculty and students pitch in on their thoughts from their perspective.

“I don’t like it. I understand it because it shows a way of sportsmanship but it erases some of the excitement of the game. It gives the athlete more of a personal brand for them so people will know who they are for example Terrell Owens,” Assistant Director of Career Development at Roosevelt University Aaron Kennedy said. “But also it is a fine line as well because the athletes want to express themselves and have a good time, but I think it is wrong because they are restricting the fun. The NFL should stand for No Fun League.”

Associate Director and Employer Relations and Internships at Roosevelt University Christopher Willis said that can benefit the league financially.

“It helps the league out to provide financial help with former NFL players with medical expenses and financial hardship. You can easily sit a guy out instead but if they keep doing it then it is more money coming the league’s way if they keep doing it,” Willis said. “Sportsmanship is going by the waste side and for example, the presidential debate it is mostly showed for the entertainment for children.”

Richard Sullivan, 31, history and philosophy junior major shared his viewpoint.

“The truth is old white guys who own sporting teams don’t like seeing flashy young black men showing the world how great they are. There is a fine line between celebrating, over celebrating and rubbing it in,” Sullivan said. “Athletes should know the boundaries for that as well so things like that should not happen in the first place but some do not even care about the consequences. “It depends also on what the fines are for and if you are a mar-key player or not.”

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