New Advertising Club offers students a chance


The advertising club meeting. Photo by Ian Jackson

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

Roosevelt offers so many different clubs to students that when they start on campus, they already feel like they are right at home. While SPEED and SGA are very popular and well know groups on campus, many may not know about the Advertising Club, which is new this year.

Their meetings are every second Thursday of the month in Room 811 in the Auditorium Building from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. The Advertising Club brings together students who share a great passion for great advertising and communication solutions.

Matthew Spahr, 20-year old integrated marketing communications junior, is one of the members of this brand new club and he shared how the club got started.
“It started through tears of inspiration, I wanted to get into it because I see ads all over the city and there is not that much connection with the people in the city and ads. DePaul University and other colleges have them and I wanted to start it up,” Spahr said.
Influenced by the ads around the city, he had a lot of ideas of his own to help him come up with idea of starting an advertising club.

Spahr discussed the purpose behind the club.
“Our purpose is to be able to strategize into advertising and help with clubs flyers and make sure people are pay attention to them,” Spahr said.
No one can start a club by themselves and a few people aside from Spahr helped out to make this club possible.

Kiarra Jefferson, a 25-year old integrated marketing communications junior, gave her viewpoint on what got her into participating in this club.
“I used to work with Matt and that’s how it started and I was doing flyers for events and set up a product called edible mouthwashes, when we realized that we were at the same school and had this great idea Matt thought of, why not make an Advertising club,” Jefferson said.

Gabe Savin, 20-year old Integrated Marketing Communications junior, shared what got him interested into the club.

“The professors that I’ve had at Roosevelt really impacted me in a way that allowed me to see the importance of advertising and how it reshapes, breaks down and appeals to the human mind,” savin said. “Taking advantage of the fact that Roosevelt didn’t have an Advertising club, we decided to start one from square one and create something engaging.”
Savin realized there was a need for the club after taking some courses with Spahr.

“I had the opportunity to create a name for Roosevelt and its marketing/advertising/IMC students. We take pride in our group thinking, ability to opening doors, and drive to establish a creative environment,” Savin said.

Leo Burnett, a speaker from one of Chicago’s many advertising agencies is coming on Nov. 27.

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