John Jaramillo hired as the new director of athletics


Photo credit Steve Woltmann

By David Villegas
Staff Reporter

Recently, Roosevelt University formally announced the promotion of John Jaramillo as Director of Athletics.
Jaramillo replaces Mike Cassidy, who is now the associate vice president for enrollment management at Roosevelt.

Jaramillo’s previous role was associate athletic director for the past four years. Both Cassidy and Jaramillo played a part in reviving the Roosevelt athletic department.

As associate athletic director, Jaramillo had the duties of handling many of the external operations within the department, such as, handling the website, running game operations and statistics.

“I would also help arrange rentals for our teams to go practice and play. [I’d] also help with rentals here so when groups come here and ask about rentals I’d help with arranging time, helping with the contracts, making sure that got into our conference services staff and then all of the logistical stuff,” Jaramillo said.

However, in his new role, Jaramillo will have a broader list of responsibilities.

“I oversee every aspect of athletics, so not just what I was formerly doing and still doing right now, but all of the teams, their operations, budgets. Just making sure everything is running and that the coaches and student athletes, all facets of every program have what they need to accomplish goals,” Jaramillo said.
Jaramillo also is in charge of the fitness gyms at Roosevelt.

“All of the intramurals and recreational stuff I oversee that and trust staff members with running that directly. They have workers, usually student workers who go with the day-to-day operations of it,” Jaramillo said.

Cameron Harris, a freshman guard for the women’s basketball team, said that Jaramillo is one of the athletic department’s biggest supporters.

“He is a great individual who is really passionate about the sports and the athletes as a whole. He’s very friendly and involved with all sports and loves to see us succeed as a team and an individual,” Harris said.

Josue Leal, a junior defenseman for the Men’s soccer team, gave his thoughts on Jaramillo.
“I think John is the perfect fit for the job. He’s always on top of his work and is very professional about everything that he does. It’s always a pleasure to have him behind the mic of our games.”

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