Gyu-Kaku offers patrons a tasty trip


Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Gyu-Kaku offers diners a unique spin on the traditional Japanese steakhouse. If you have time to spend on a weekend, then this place would be a hit if you like something different than the usual.

However, Gyu-Kaku is more of a Korean BBQ rather than Japanese. One could even consider this an Asian fusion kind of restaurant. With a wide variety to choose from, customers can get a wide variety of meals for a reasonable price. Although, it is certainly a better experience to dine with a group.

As mentioned before, Gyu-Kaku isn’t just Japanese per se since there are other influences for the food.

One of the biggest hits is the fact that you can cook your own food. This is obviously going to be on the more expensive side but it gives you a ton of food. Appetizers are small and includes miso soup, the only other thing people know about Japanese cuisine after sushi. Of course, there are other options if you aren’t in the mood to cook your own meats and vegetables but it is definitely worth it.

What you eat here really is what you make it, if you choose to do the BBQ so you can’t really blame the restaurant if your food comes out bad. After all, you’re the one that cooked it.

Now, the drink menu has a huge selection you can order from. The beer selection includes beers imported from Japanese and Germany, as well as domestic and local favorites. There is also a wide selection of unique cocktails, liquors, and a small selection of wine. The restaurant offers sake to please those who think they’re cultured enough to drink it. Gyu-Kaku offers Coca-Cola products with free refills and water for those who got to be the babysitter for their friends.

Service was actually amazing with very friendly staff. The restaurant itself comes in three levels: The dining on the first floor, a full bar on the second, and a traditional Japanese meal on the third where you sit on the floor and have to take off your shoes upon entry.

All in all, Gyu-Kaku is worth straying off the beaten path in order to have a truly unique experience with your friends that you won’t forget for a long time.

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