Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the best Chicago sports moment of all?


Michael Jordan holding the 1991 playoffs trophy. Photo courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

From time to time there are those moments in sports history that will be remembered forever. When Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in NBA game, when Michael Phelps who in this year’s Olympics became the most decorated Olympian with a total 28 medals, or when Usain Bolt became the first man at the 2008 Olympics to win the 100 and the 200-meter races in record times the 100-meter in 9.69 seconds and the 200-meter in 19.30 seconds.

But to narrow down the best sports moments in Chicago history that is a tough one to do. Roosevelt students and staff gave their input on what Chicago sports moment is their favorite and why.

Aaron Kennedy described his favorite Chicago sports moment was and why was it very important to him.

“My favorite Chicago sports moment would have to be when the Chicago Bulls won their first NBA title in 1991. The reason why is because I remember running with my family in the street when they won with our Jordan jerseys and signs saying they did it, they did it!” Kennedy said.

During the 1990-1991 season the Bulls had a 61-21 record after finishing first in NBA division against the Los Angeles Lakers, at the time becoming the ninth team in NBA history to win 60 or more regular-season games, according to NBA.com

Christopher Willis, associate director of employer relations and internships, also recalls the Chicago Bulls winning the 1991 title.

“My favorite moment was when the 1991 Chicago Bulls won their first NBA title because in that exact year, I was graduating from high school. We had a big party at my friend’s house and I was 17. We had DJ equipment and we were jamming out. We went to six flags the next day as well to enjoy the occasion,” Willis said.

Robert Kipferel, a senior integrated marketing and communication major, pitched his favorite Chicago sports moment.

“My favorite moment is when Patrick Kane shot the winning goal to win their first Stanley Cup in the recent years. The reason I picked that moment is because my dad and I are very huge Blackhawks fans and we are watching the game together at my house that I grew up in and we both saw it happen,” Kipferl said. “And that moment from the shot through the confusion of it tool 15 seconds but that made the game more suspenseful and shocking.”

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  1. Nothing can top when Kane scored the game winner in 2010.

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