Communication Department plans election night party


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will go head to head on election night as students and faculty watches in the Gage Gallery. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore and Wikimedia Commons

By Megan Schuller
Editor in Chief

During the heat of election night, the Department of Communication is holding an election night gathering in Gage Gallery.

The idea was suggested by Professor of Journalism Charles Madigan, who taught a series of classes focused on the election.

“I suggested the election night party as a way to get all kinds of students and people together to celebrate democracy,” Madigan said. “I want students to feel community with us and with one another.”

This is not the first election night event that has been held at Roosevelt by the Communication Department.

“During the election night in 2008, when Barack Obama won the presidency and so many people came together to celebrate that historic occasion in Grant Park. Charlie Madigan was teaching his journalism course on the election and he had arranged for his students to be in Grant Park on election night for that incredible event,” Marian Azzaro communication department chair

Afterward, Madigan’s students returned to campus, filed their stories and the department provided pizza for them.

“We have been running Madigan’s campaign and election course sequence for each presidential election since then, and this election night celebration has become something of a tradition for the department and our students,” Azzaro said. “Certainly this event has evolved into something more than just pizza one night for the students in one journalism course. It’s great that this year it is opened up to students from all across Roosevelt University,” Azzaro said.

Student media the and Communication Department are sponsoring the event. The gathering will be held on Nov. 8 from 6 to 9 p.m. Pizza and lemonade will be served and there will be activities and discussions to participate in while waiting for the results.

“It’s a great use of the space. The more students we have using the gallery the better. The Gage Gallery is for the community and especially for the students. It’s going to be a historic night,” said Mike Ensdorf, associate dean of arts and sciences, professor of photography and founder director of the Gage Gallery.

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